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Aille Cross Equestrian Centre, Galway

Willie Leahy


In the heart of a contrasted landscape, where the mountains meet the sea, and green land surrounds the lakes, you will find one of Ireland’s most unusual regions. Connemara, a Iand both wild and tarne.

The Connemara Trail is not just for riders, but for anyone who enjoys other activities in a peaceful Irish atmosphere. Connemara a vast region where you will meet a man with a very original personaiity : Willie Leahy; the very incamation of an lrish horseman, who will be your guide during a week or more of trekking through the gaelic West.
For beginners and experienced riders alike, Willie Leahy provides the suitable horse and leads you to the discovery of the Connemara / Coast Trails.


Six days or more of exciting and relaxing holidays, where, after you spending four to six hours a day on horseback, you are accommodated in luxurious hotels or guesthouses while the horses graze freely in a nearby field.

Guided by this friendly centaure, you cross the wild green hills, the tust coloured bogs through which, alone an experienced man knows his way. Among castle and manor ruins and along mountain paths, there is a picnic stop.


Your luggage is brought by car from accommodation to accommodation, while the catering problems are taken care of by the Connemara Trail’s dynamic team.

The Trails are not confined to horselovers. On demand, many activities such as river fishing and deep-sea fishing, golf, cycling, mountain climbing or walking the little deserted roads, swimming etc. can be organised. Non-riders will meet their riding Partners every evening to share their daily experience in the hotel pub.


At the end of this adventure, the Atlantic coast spreads out before you : you feel a fresh and salty breeze, while you gallop along the white sand of these endless beaches: you are then overcome by an impalpable Sensation ; close your eyes… Connemara, there you are.

“The thunder of galloping hoofs broke the silence of a serene mountain valley.
A flock of sheep stopped grazing to watch our posse churn across the landscape, a blur of manes and tails and determined, red-cheeked faces – This is the Wild West of Ireland.