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Horse Riding Holidays in Sligo and Donegal – Ireland

We can offer the superlative in Horse Riding Holidays

Horseback Riding Holidays at the Horse Holiday Farm:
Riding by the sea
,  will take you on to the excellent beaches which line the coast in Sligo and Donegal.
Also for less experience riders:
You will be given a horse which is safe and quiet in all respects.

Horse Riding Holidays in Donegal – Trail Riding Holidays
The Donegal Trails – Donegal West and Donegal South… …
are two of our most beautiful trails to discover the North West of Ireland in a week – from the saddle, of course.

Horse Riding Holidays in Sligo – Trail Riding
The Sligo Trail combines both beach riding with rides through the impressive countryside of County Sligo.
New: The Yeates Sligo Trail (4 days)

Horse Riding Holidays:
” It‘s just you, a map, your horses, the elements, the rolling, swollen hills and miles of beach.”
 Rebecca Corbally

The unguided Trails are suited to a minimum of 2 persons – but, if you really would like to ride a Trail and you don’t have a riding companion we have the possibility to help you find one on our
Meeting Page on the Internet.

The horse is the unique element of this riding holidays.
Our horse will be yours for at least a week or for as long as you wish to stay. Our horses are mainly Irish Hunters, we also have Connemaras and Irish Cobs.
We have horses to suit all abilities of rider.
They are well mannered and experienced and very sure-footed. You and your horse will have plenty of time to get to know one another.

Ask for our free DVD  “Horse Riding Holidays at the Horse Holiday Farm”

For detailed information , please visit our other pages and contact us.

It is sometimes possible to book a riding holiday at short notice: just phone us, send us an email or fill up the